Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 36!

My weekend started off a little less wonderful than I had hoped... On Friday I woke up with a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose.  Being pregnant and sick is not very much fun.  However, I was determined to be super productive.  Thank goodness I have my stash (and my mom's stash) of Young Living oils!  I swear they are probably the only reason I didn't just sleep the whole weekend away.  Armed with the recommended rosemary, oregano, lavender, peppermint, and purification, I was able to accomplish some of the things on my list.... and some things that weren't on my list.

Here are some photos of the highlights....

On Saturday morning hubby and I took Auntie Steph to the bakery for breakfast and we stopped at a few rummage sales to find some goodies for Baby.  Auntie found some great CD's with lullabies and kid songs that she is very excited to sing to Baby.  She also found an Elmo toy that sings and sucks on a pacifier.  She's pretty excited for Baby to make his appearance so she can play with him.  :)

One day we woke up to a strange dog sleeping outside in Pepper's kennel.  I had seen the missing dog post on facebook and knew it had to be the dog they were looking for.  I called the owners but they weren't able to come until the dog was long gone.  Pepper was on edge all weekend and I'm sure she was looking for that dog.  (Luckily the owners did call me and tell me that their sweet German Shepherd had been found and was home safe!)  Pepper says it's really hard work to be a guard dog.  She was exhausted.  

We had a visit from our sweet nephew and his mommy.  We did some six month pictures!  I have the cutest nephew ever.  I can't wait to be able to put up some of the non-phone pictures we took! :)

We even took a family trip to DQ so hubby and I could try out their blizzards in a waffle cone.  The verdict?  I guess they were ok... but I think a blizzard in a cup would've been just as good.  Pepper got a dog treat.  She loves ice cream.  

Hubby and I found BattleShip in the garage so we obviously had to play a game.  We didn't have matching pieces, so that was interesting.  Each of us only had four (I think we were each supposed to have five!) and the ones we had weren't the same.  It was still fun.  And I won both games.  Battleship champion.   

Belly photo!  This is not a maternity shirt, but it is one of the few shirts I have that is both cool enough and long enough.  I am not sure how people survive a whole summer of pregnancy.  It hasn't even been very warm yet but I can hardly stand to be without a fan on or window open!  

I know it's already Wednesday, but that was the weekend in a nutshell.  Today I finished a craft project for Baby's room that I can hardly wait to post.  It should be ready for a reveal tomorrow!    

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