Thursday, May 9, 2013

Second Breakfast

I've heard that the best way to eat during pregnancy is multiple small meals.  This is supposed to keep you at a steady level of fullness, without ever being so full that you feel sick.  Let me tell you, I've embraced this idea.  Sometimes I feel like the only way I survive the day is because of a little thing we've been calling Second Breakfast.  

Most of the time Second Breakfast is NOT exciting... like a nutrigrain bar (which I will probably never eat post-pregnancy).  

Sometimes Second Breakfast is yummy... like Hardee's loaded omelet biscuit (which I never would have known existed except for Hubby had to introduce me to them!)

Every once in a while, Second Breakfast is the BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE!  Which is what today was.  This morning I had a wonderful Second Breakfast with my favorite sister at her favorite place.  Cafe 116.  I can't rave about it enough, they have great food. 

Even though she still has to wear a boot and use a walker... and was headed to the dentist after breakfast to get a tooth pulled... she was the best second breakfast companion.  She suggested the belgian waffles with strawberries.  I obviously consider her an expert on this restaurant so I copied her order.  I almost hate to admit it but it was probably the best waffle I've ever had.  (Sorry mom, I do love waffle Saturdays, but we should get this recipe.)  

Neither one of us was able to finish our waffle so we took the leftovers to go.  Walking down the street to the car, a lady stopped me to tell me how good the food I was carrying looked.  I'm not making that up.  It was weird. 

As far as the rest of the day goes, the dentist appointment was a success and my sister's mouth should be feeling much better tomorrow!  At work tonight one of the clients, apparently having forgotten that I as pregnant, saw me and said "WOAH!  YOU LOOK LIKE A BALLOON!!" That's always nice to hear.  :)  I thought that maybe I would come home to a crib or something put together in the nursery.  Instead, Hubby had been put to work cultivating.  I guess Pepper even got in on the farming action and kept Hubby company in the tractor for at least one whole field.  Apparently she doesn't like tractor rides quite as much as car rides, maybe a little too bumpy.  However, I'm guessing if she has a chance to go again tomorrow she'll jump right in!  

It was a good day for the Cook family.  Tomorrow starts our weekend here.  Happy weekend everyone! 

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  1. Yes, that does look like a great Second Breakfast and a fun Second Breakfast partner!

    Auntie Lu ☺