Tuesday, August 25, 2015

12 Weeks

It's a challenge to get Cameron in the weekly photos lately!  Gabe's mouth seems to be healing well after his tongue clip yesterday.  He has the biggest smiles now!  And he can stick his tongue out!  He wasn't able to do that before.  I've switched out all of his clothes to 6 month size!  I had been rotating the same few outfits because I thought I gave away all of Cameron's old 6 month clothes.  Boy was I wrong!  I dug a little deeper in the attic and found a whole tote full!

We've been spending a lot of time in the summer kitchen.  I had a hard time understanding Hubby's plans for the old storage shed when he first explained it but now I get it and it is awesome! 

That is Cameron's "exploring" pose.  See his binoculars? ;) 

And have you notice that I haven't mentioned anything about bats?!  We haven't had any unwanted guests in the house all summer! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

7-8-9-10-11! Oops!

At least I've kept up with weekly photos.  Tomorrow is time for week 12!  It was a big day for us today.  I've been recovering from mastitis and Gabe got his tongue tie clipped.  I feel so bad but he's been smiling so big that he has DIMPLES!  He didn't have them before and I wonder if it has something to do with getting his tongue clipped! 

I'm planning more updates for tomorrow- lots of photos and stats from Gabe's two month check up!  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Yesterday we had a two month checkup scheduled for Gabe.  I was on the ball and determined to be on time.  We were all showered- including myself!  Cameron had one shoe on but I knew we could find the other one before it was time to go... Or maybe just a different pair.  We were all fed.  I had make up on and my hair was brushed.  I was working on changing Gabe's diaper and thinking how thankful I was that he had an explosive poop at home instead of in the car seat or on my lap in the dr's office. And then it happened.  Cameron started gagging.  I stopped mid-diaper change to ask him if he was ok.  He threw up all over his feet.  I went back to Gabe in the pack n play and discovered that I hadn't wiped all the poop off his back. So now my clean baby was smeared with yellow poo- and so was his outfit and the pack n play.  I started to wipe up this mess when Cameron started gagging again.  This time he threw up on the living room rug.  I ran over to him to try steer him back to the wood floor instead of the rug.  I asked if he felt better and he said yes.  Back to the baby- who is screaming.  He's finally clean with a fresh diaper and outfit.  I still have 10 minutes to get out the door.  Cameron threw up again- this time in the kitchen.  I realize I'm not going to win this fight and call the clinic. Gabe is still screaming.  A strange truck has pulled into my driveway so my dog is barking- not normal barking, but "my family is in danger" barking. I'm sweating like a beast.  The receptionist rescheduled our appointment.  She didn't even laugh at me.  I got Cameron cleaned up.  I washed up his mess.  I sat down to feed Gabe again and realized then that I hadn't changed my shirt like I had been planning to and was still wearing a very unattractive pajama shirt.  So thank goodness for life's little blessings.  If all of this wouldn't have happened, I would've went to the appointment wearing pajamas. 

Friday, July 17, 2015


Oops!  I'm behind! 

Gabe started cooing and smiling this week!  The 4th of July was lots of fun with lake time and friends! 

Week 5- Gabe is growing like crazy!  It's almost time to make the switch from 3 month clothes to 6 month clothes! 

We spent lots of time with friends this week, too!  The raspberries are ripe so we've been enjoying them.  I think next year we will need more plants, or we will need to sweet talk the neighbors for buckets full.  We had a picnic with Audrey and Claire.  Then we spent the weekend with friends at the pool!  Mommy made a mesh wrap so Gabe got to swim with us.  Everyone loved the pool!  Cameron got his first summer haircut.  He looks like a different kid! So grown up! 

Week 6- Gabe is so alert and such a good baby!  He travels well, is only up a couple of times at night, and usually naps at the same time as Cameron.  

Gabe got to take his first trip to Paul Bunyan yesterday!  Cameron loves Paul's picture, but the big one that talks? No way!  He was terrified, but I made him take a picture with Paul anyway.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

3 weeks

Oops!  I forgot to do a 3 week post!  We were super busy this week getting ready for Cameron's 2nd birthday party!!  It's hard to believe he's already two!  

This week Gabe has been much more alert.  And hungry!!  He's growing like a champion!  He has started to coo and make sounds.  He sleeps so much better than Cameron ever did.  We are usually only up 2 or 3 times at night!  He loves bath time and being snuggled.  

Cameron's new favorite word is "mine" so that has been fun.  He's definitely two!!  And he's started calling Hubby "papa."  I'm not sure where he came up with that because he used to call him daddy!  He loves to share his toys and read to his brother!  

Friday, June 19, 2015


There is something magical about getting everyone to nap at the same time.  

2 weeks!

We had Gabe's two week checkup on Thursday.  He weighed in at 9lbs, 3 oz! Up from 8 lbs 11 oz at birth!  He's also an inch taller at 21 inches.  

He doesn't fit well in newborn size clothes anymore, which seems crazy to me because I think Cameron fit in them for almost a month.  

Gabe had his first lunch date to Cafe 116.  Cameron had a play date with his grandpa and auntie on Wednesday so mommy and Gabe did some shopping and got to go out for lunch.  

Cameron turned two today!  We started the celebration yesterday with a visit from hubby's parents.  

Gabe was so happy to have snuggles from Grandpa Pat! 

Today we spent the whole afternoon playing in his new swimming pool.  He wasn't quite sure what to do at first but once he figured out we weren't just putting him in a big tub of water to be mean he really enjoyed it.  When he decided it was an alright present we put his slide in it, too.  I think we will have to make a "no pool until after lunch" rule because otherwise I'm pretty sure he will never go back in the house.  He loves his pool and water slide!! 

See his shirt in that picture?  That's actually the Thomas the Train pajama shirt Hubby's parents gave him.  I pick my battles these days and forcing him to change out of his new favorite pajamas on his birthday wasn't at the top of my list today.  :)