Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 36

Since my last update didn't happen until Sunday, not much has changed.  


I don't want to jinx anything so I almost don't want to mention it, but for the past three nights we've only been up once!  He's been falling asleep around 7-8 and sleeping either on me, Hubby, or in the swing.  He wakes up for a diaper change when we go to bed around 10 and then has only been waking up ONCE before 7:00.  Amazing.  I really felt like this would never happen for us.  But I worry that it might be too good to be true so I don't want to get my hopes up.  

In diaper news we switched to fitted diapers with wool covers for night.  I think the soft cozy wool might be so much more comfortable than the other covers we were using and might have something to do with his good sleep.  We also switched out all of his 9 month size jammies for 12 month.  We've been so blessed to have boxes of hand-me-downs from a family at church.  It's great knowing that when he grows out of things, we have the next size ready to go!  It's hard to believe how quickly my baby is growing.   

I thought it'd be fun to do a little throwback Thursday.  Check out our hospital photos!




Wednesday, February 26, 2014

8 months

Well I guess I forgot to publish this one.  :)  

My sweet little man was not interested in having an 8 month photo taken.  It was nice to get outside and get some fresh air.  We took advantage of the nice day, but I think it was still a bit too windy for Cameron to enjoy it like mommy did!   

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 35 (Sunday is the new Wednesday)

So I've had these photos just hanging out in my camera since Wednesday.  I don't even know what we've been doing, but we've been BUSY!  

Cameron is getting really good at creeping.  He has figured out how to stick his butt way up in the air and pull himself with his arms.  He's also been enjoying eating what Hubby and I eat.  No more baby food for the big boy!  He also just eats it off of a fork.  The only thing he will eat off the baby spoon lately is yogurt.  In the mornings he likes to drink green smoothie with me.  Out of a real glass.  A mini-glass (espresso cup) but still impressive.  

His favorite toy lately is Pepper's bone.  Gross.  I keep putting it in Pepper's spot and she drags it right back out to Cameron's play area.  Cameron can be surrounded by his toys but the only thing he wants is the bone.  How do babies know what they are not supposed to have?  Dog bones.  Computer cords.  Remote controls.  Balls of fuzz/dog hair/whatever it is that fluffs up immediately after I vacuum.  Seriously.  :)      

Tonight we were in Target after Special Olympics gymnastics practice and my sweet baby decided to start screaming like an angry little baby.  He was going crazy trying to eat one of the bananas in the cart.  The ladies at the checkout felt bad.  

"Just open it up and let him eat it!  We'll just type it in, we don't need to scan it."  

So I opened up the banana while also trying to unload my cart and calm a screaming baby.  Problem solved, right?  

Cameron no longer wanted the banana.  So I ate it.  In the checkout line.  What a day.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 34

Oh hey Thursday.... How'd you sneak up so fast? 

Yesterday morning Hubby and I headed out for his eye surgery.  Everything went great and he is recovering well!  He offered to let me watch the procedure but I told him that I was absolutely not interested (not that they would've let me watch anyway!) 

Thank goodness Grandma Carol has been with us to help out the last few days.  Our little man has started some wild nap and bedtime habits.  As in he doesn't want to sleep.  He really fights it. He had never done this to me before so I can only guess that Grandma is so exciting that he doesn't want to miss a single minute of her visit.  He even made her get out of bed to play from 12:30 until 2:30 this morning.  This afternoon Hubby and I had to tuck him snug into his car seat so he would calm down for a nap.  We are hoping that the top teeth he is working on hurry up and break through!  Cameron is sick of having a sore mouth and would really like to put that energy into learning to crawl!  

But you would never guess how cranky he has been by looking at his happiest weekly pictures so far!  Silly baby.  

And he finally got to grab the board...

Me: Did you erase this board? 
Cameron: Who, me?? No mom, Roarbert did it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fun times!

Apparently this didn't publish before, so I'll do it now.  Here are a few highlights from the last week!

We've started testing out ways to keep this little guy happy during the day when all he wants is to be attached to mom.  The Ergo has been great, but I'm curious about the comfort level of other carriers.

On Saturday we celebrated Audrey and Claire's first birthday!  

Cameron LOVED Audrey's dress!

Adorable girls!  

And then on Sunday my BIG boy decided he is not going to stay in his carseat when we go into stores. He's ready to ride in the cart now!  Actually it will be nice to free up all that cart space... but you'd be surprised at how easily $100 worth of stuff can fit into the front basket.  :)  

Weekly Wednesday: 33

My baby keeps getting stronger and stronger!  I think he will be crawling soon.  He is getting much better at sitting unsupported.  He tries so hard to sit up on his own but he's not quite able to yet.  He loves to zoom (roll) around the room.  However, he has also started to realize when I leave the room.  If I go into the kitchen and leave him in the living room he will scream until I come back.  At least he only does that if we are the only ones home.  As long as he has someone else to look at he is ok.  

On Sunday he rolled over to Pepper and stole her bone.  It was so cute.  I was curious to see how Pepper would react, but she just watched him take it.  I think she is going to have her work cut out for her when the little man can chase her around the yard.  

Oh, remember last week when I said we were doing so good at sleeping?  That was fun while it lasted. We're back to being up every two hours.  Although last night at his 3:00 wake up he fell back asleep as soon as I walked into the room.  Silly baby.  I suppose he thought I had gotten used to so many late night potty breaks and didn't want me to wet the bed.  Thanks baby, but I would've been fine.

Pepper wasn't interested in selfies.