Friday, May 24, 2013

New Toy

Hubby got a new toy this week.

Apparently he's been hearing from other dads that if he wanted something for himself, he had better get it before baby comes otherwise I wouldn't let him.  I'm not saying that I necessarily agree with this, because I'm excited about our recent purchase, too!  It is crazy how my mindset has changed though.  I can go into Target without looking at anything for myself but I could spend all day looking at things for Baby!  I'm sure I'll snap out of it once baby is here... :)  Baby is fun to shop for though.

So a couple nights ago it had finally stopped raining and we were able to test out our new purchase!

After our honeymoon in Voyager's View National Park, we realized that we would need something a bit bigger to tackle the big waves up there!  We both fell in love with that area and plan to go back as much as we can.  Even if we can't make it back this summer, we will be ready to go for next year!  So exciting! 

Pepper likes the new boat, too!


Pepper wanted to bring a friend along for the ride, too... so Ginger got to go for her first boat ride!  Ginger loves the boat!  Although I'm a bit concerned that she might be more excited to be in the water than on the water; there were a couple of times it looked like she was ready to jump right in.  She might not be the best fishing partner if she's going to be jumping out of the boat, but we'll work on that.

In other news, yesterday we were exactly one month away from due date!  Which translates into about 4.5 weeks remaining in pregnancy.  The weeks are just flying by now!  We still have a few things on the to-do list that actually need to be done before baby arrives.

1) Paint and Recover Glider (We've started the recovering process and are about half way done!  So exciting, I love the fabric we picked out for it!  I picked up the paint for it, too, so we will have to get that started this weekend.)

2) Make Mobile (I've seen some really cute ones in stores and on Etsy, but the one that Auntie Lu made for the twins was one of my favorites.  I plan to make one very similar!)

3) Prep Diapers (We have decided to plunge right into cloth diapering, and they take a bit of work to get ready before baby comes.  This will probably be a whole entry in itself!)

4) Hang Shelves and Banner (Ok, so I'm sure Baby won't care if this isn't finished.  But I care.  And the shelves we found are SO CUTE so they need to be up so I can at least take a picture of the decorated nursery)

5) Paint Bookshelf (I have a shelf that my dad made for me when I was in college that will work as a night stand/bookshelf, it just needs a fresh coat of paint.)

6) Pack Hospital Bag (I'm guessing that I will do a better job packing if I do it in advance instead of when I am in labor.)

7) Install Carseat Base in Vehicles (They recommend we do this in advance.  Probably smart so hubby isn't running out of the hospital as I'm being discharged to put it in.  This way we can practice and make sure it's in right!  I'm not sure Pepper is going to like sharing the back seat with a carseat, but she will have to learn, too.)

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