Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's going to be a beautiful day today!  It was finally warm enough last night to sleep with the windows open, which I love.  Apparently Pepper loves it, too, because I woke up to her using me as a hurdle between the window and the door.  I was able to get her to stop long enough to get this cute photo.

She's giving me the curled lip, which usually means she isn't getting her way.  I'm assuming there was either a bird or a squirrel that she was just dying to get out and chase out of her yard. 

Anyway, I'm clearly obsessed with my puppy.  Just wait until I have a baby to talk about! 

We are Hubby is making some serious progress in Baby's room.  The floors were a much more extensive project than I realized.  I thought it was just to bring a bucket with some soap and give them a quick washing... not quite.  Hubby completely fixed them up, including fixing up the stain and waxing them!  I'm so amazed that I couldn't wait to post this.  I'm sure everyone has been very curious to see the paint color anyway.  I asked if we could do this to all of our floors.  Hubby's response? 

Hubby: "..."

So I will take that as a "Maybe after baby comes."

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