Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crafty Crafty!

I am so excited to show everyone my most recent project.  I know it's really cute because even hubby likes it.  As in, he actually likes it.  He doesn't just say "Yeah... nice..." because that's the response I get sometimes.  I know he actually likes this one because he was just as excited as I was to get it on the wall.  That, my friends, is what I consider a successful craft.

So it started off with an idea I found on Pinterest.  It was a link to this blog where she had some really cute giraffe art.  She said that she had painted it herself.  (Apparently she had found her inspiration from this artist on Etsy.)  I'm not a painter, but by golly I have a lot of fabric and I can fashion some cool things out of it.  While I like the idea of ordering a finished product from Etsy and supporting someone who is obviously talented, I really wanted this to be made out of fabric.  I also had a spare canvas just taking up closet space that I have been waiting to use for the perfect project.  It was obviously meant to be.

Off I went to draw some giraffes.  I used waxed paper for my template.  I would've used freezer paper so I could've just ironed them onto the fabric, but we were out.  I don't know how that is possible because I swear the last time I looked, we had two full boxes of the stuff.  Waxed paper ended up working fine and since I couldn't iron it onto the fabric, I still have the templates.  Win.

For some reason when I upload this photo, it changes size.  My giraffes are not this scrunched in real life.  It really bothers me, but I hope that it will just fix itself.  I cut out each giraffe to use for a pattern. 

The next step was to pick out the fabric.  I went through lots of options (all blues?  all orange?  some of each?)  Finally, I decided on these.    


I cut out my fabric giraffes and attached them to the canvas using mod podge.  I used two coats of mod podge and let it dry.  

And this is what the finished product looks like!  I really love how it turned out.  I am really excited to use the giraffes in other projects.  I have a jungle quilt that I'm planning to sew that would look really cute with a little giraffe family appliqued on it.  :)  My to-do list just keeps growing!

Here it is on the wall!    

The nursery is looking so adorable I just had to share a snippet.  Clearly I have a theme of giraffes happening.  Giraffes and owls.  Other than being incredibly cute, the aren't really in the same theme (jungle and woodsy?) but I don't think that Baby will care if my theme is a little mixed up.  On a side note, I haven't put the crib sheet on the mattress yet because I'm using the crib as a stashing place for "things that need to come to the hospital with us."  Also, the rug we found is amazing.  It's like a cloud under your feet.  I'm sure it will be the first thing Baby pees on.

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  1. Love it!! That's so cute!!

    And your nursery is adorable!! Love all of it.