Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 finishes

I think this is finish #2 for 2015- the first would be the Charley Harper quilt I made for hubby's parents for Christmas.  

I'm trying really hard to make 2015 the year I finish up some unfinished projects (or finish new projects that I start!). The problem with sewing as a hobby is that there are so many awesome projects to do.  There is always new fabric that seems more awesome than anything in my craft room and new books and patterns that would look PERFECT on my bed/couch or they would even look great laying out on the yard this summer so me and #2 can hang out while Cameron runs around outside.

I'm trying to resist starting too many new projects, but this is hard!!  So I decided to make myself a hospital bag.  Giving birth is easier if you have a beautiful bag with, right?  And pillow case.  I ordered fabric for a new "delivery day" pillow case.  I haven't started the pillow case yet but here is a progress photo of my duffle bag!  There are about a million pieces and 4ish hours of prep work before I can even start sewing anything together.  

I have another quilt that I just need to tack down binding and a top ready to go on the quilting machine. 

Cameron doesn't care if the back is attached or not.  It's a perfect play mat either way!  

Cameron's Easter quilt from last year is waiting for me to finish dying the backing fabric so we can get that one quilted, too!  I dyed a big piece of flannel last year and it has a lot of white left on it.  I'm excited for it to have a lot more color!  It will be perfect for Cameron's toddler bed!  

It's a dangerous thing to make a list of all of my unfinished projects.  Apparently nesting for baby #2 involves a lot of personal projects.  (At least I'm going to assume that's the reason for my motivation!)  Nesting for Cameron was a lot more home improvement/baby gear buying.   

To change the subject, here is a 33 week bump photo!!  Don't mind my wild unbrushed hair and apparently unwashed mirror!  I might have to add cleaning to my to-do list.  But who has time for that?!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Eggs & 30 week appointment

Today we had lots of fun dying Easter eggs with grandma!  

I had my 30 week prenatal appointment last week and had to do a second ultrasound.  Thankfully they were able to get the measurements they needed this time!  Little man seems to be quite uncooperative in there!  He was measuring about a week ahead of schedule, so I'm curious if I will make it to my due date.  Cameron came 5 days early so I assumed #2 would come a little early as well.  One of the "ahead of schedule" measurements they were able to give us was an estimated weight of four pounds!  Oh boy!  He still has a bit of fluid around his kidneys, but they said it was not enough to be concerned since that is pretty common and generally resolves itself by birth.  

I've gained probably close to 30 pounds... I blame it on feeling better this pregnancy than I ever did when I was pregnant with Cameron!  Most of my aversions are gone (with the exception of scrambled eggs... Bleh!).  I'm happy that we've been able to get outside for walks again because I think that will help me keep things under control for my last weeks!  

Now if it was just warm enough to head down to the lake!  We are definitely ready for some lake days!