Sunday, December 6, 2015

23, 24, 25

Oh boy, I'm way behind again!  

Gabe loves playing with his toes! 

Gabe sits by himself now!  Only for a few seconds, but he is getting stronger every day! 

We had our first big snow and Cameron was not a fan.  Gabe snuggled in and took a nap while we were out exploring.  

I'm trying to get back into running and I'm really excited about it!  Pepper is a good running buddy once we get going.  At first she likes to sniff all over and doesn't stay by me.  With a little practice I think she will stay by me the whole time!  I ordered a treadmill for my big Black Friday purchase, so Pep and I will have to pick it back up in the spring.  I agreed to run on a relay team for the Fargo Marathon and I'm already nervous. Excited, but nervous!  

 Gabe came with us to Walmart on Thanksgiving.  We don't usually head out but we were leaving Thanksgiving supper and decided to check it out.  Gabe slept the whole time!  I stayed out of the high traffic areas and actually from the back ends of the aisles, it seemed like a regular day!  Hubby happened to find an abandoned tv that was on sale so he grabbed it.  He's excited to have a tv in his "man cave" and I'm excited to have it in my "exercise room" and I'm sure our guests will love it in the guest bedroom (and I guess it is the play room too.  I wonder how much more stuff we can cram into that room!).  We checked out in the garden section and were out of the store in less than an hour!  

We celebrated cousin Miles' 3rd birthday Thanksgiving weekend!  Look at the adorable balloon giraffe!  We are looking forward to meeting baby girl cousin mid December!


Halloween was fun!  Cameron was Daniel Tiger, Gabe was a bear, and I was a turtle!  We went trick or treating at the bank on Friday and that was fun!  The bank staff was dressed as the 7 dwarfs! 

We got home from the bank and Gabe rolled over for the first time!  He flipped onto his tummy and Cameron clapped and shouted "Roll! Roll!"  And then he kept rolling and was on his back again!  Such a big boy!  

Gabe is 5 months now and comfortably wearing 9 month size clothes.  I don't think he will be in 9 month size very long. He is growing much faster than Cameron did.  He loves to talk and blow raspberries. 

We took some 5 month pictures and we are loving how warm November has been so far!