Friday, May 17, 2013

A Pregnancy Dilemma

I haven't had many cravings so far in pregnancy.  Hubby is quick to remind me that I would never say "No" to a raspberry bismarck, but who are we kidding... that has nothing to do with pregnancy.  I've always liked those.  I really miss eating cold lunch meat.  A sub with avacado and sprouts from Erbert and Gerbert is something that I can't wait to eat again, but I'm not sure I would say that I crave it.  The idea that I would come down with some crazy sickness (listeria, although many people think that this is not true) from eating it is enough to make me stay away.  Sometimes I crave baked goods.  I've had to stop baking at my own house and move the baking to my parent's house where there are more people to share with.  :)  But I can't say that has anything to do with pregnancy either.  Cookies are delicious.

Aversions, however, are a different story.  I've struggled to find a way to explain this because hubby doesn't quite understand.  The closest thing I can think of that would be similar is the way some people feel about an alcohol they've had too much of.  I know I have friends that will absolutely not drink the flavored Bicardi's.  I know a few people that feel this way about Captain Morgan.  For other people it is anything that smells like coconut or peach.  Hubby says he won't touch peppermint schnapps.  For me you would guess that it would be chardonnay after a specific wedding dance, but that is surprisingly not the case.  I went through a small streak of not being able to drink anything with sour mix after playing a really stupid game of beer pong in college with southern comfort and sour instead of beer.  I'm probably over that now, though.  Anyway, alcohol aversion could be a whole blog in itself....   :)

Throughout my whole pregnancy I've pretty much gone through aversions to everything.  I had big plans on how I was going to ween myself off of coffee or switch to decaff.  One morning I woke up to make myself a cup and just opening the can was enough to just give it up completely.  So that was easy.  Kind of sad, especially now that it has been nice out.  Last summer I would wake up and have my coffee outside and walk around the yard with Pepper.  People have told me that maybe now I can just be done with coffee completely.  Absolutely not.  I'm sure my love of coffee will come back.  :)

For the first part of my pregnancy, I generally felt like nothing I ate tasted good.  One day I had a cheeseburger from Dairy Queen and it was the best food I had tasted in months.  I was excited to find something that I didn't mind eating and ended up eating cheeseburgers any time I could.  This came to a screeching halt when I was served a raw hamburger patty at the local bowling alley.  I was devastated.  From that point on, I haven't been able to eat hamburgers.  Even really good ones that have been made by hubby or my mom.  The thought of eating a hamburger could honestly make me sick.  Another food I really have an issue with is iceberg lettuce.  Specifically the kind that has been pre-shredded and packaged in a plastic bag.  Sadly this is what seems to be the normal thing for restaurants to serve.  I can even smell how bad it is going to taste.  A third thing is bananas.  They are a little different though, because I love bananas.  I think they taste really good and I want to eat them every day.  Baby is the one that doesn't like bananas.  They just don't stay down so I've had to give them up.

Most of my aversions have faded, but hamburgers, bananas, and bagged lettuce have stuck.  I have been worried that I will miss out on a whole summer of hamburgers on the fire at the lake because I'm not sure that I will ever enjoy them again.

Which brings me to yesterday.  I took a client to the Special Olympic track meet.  It started in the morning and went into early afternoon.  I brought a granola bar with me for a snack, but by 11:00 that had completely worn off.  They had food available for the athletes and staff which is great!  The selection, not so great.  Everyone got a bag with the same food in it.  A bag of salad (iceberg lettuce with a little cheese and some croutons), a hamburger from McDonald's, chips, and a cookie.  To the side you could grab an optional banana.

Clearly this lunch is not going to work for me.  So what's a pregnant girl to do?  Is it worse to be so hungry that you feel sick (without knowing when the event will be over to get something else) or to eat foods that you have the strongest aversions to?  I know that I can't be the first person to face this dilemma.

I opted to not make a scene in front of my client.  He is a very kind person and I know he would've felt bad if I told him I didn't like any of the food.  I try to be a good example and be grateful and not only eat the dessert.  So I opened the bag of salad and took a few bites.  I know I'm supposed to eat this because it's good for baby, but seriously, gross.  My client, seeing how much I was enjoying my salad, gave me his as well.  So that backfired.  I stuck both back in the lunch bag and moved on to the hamburger.  I decided it would be best to just dive right in.  I'm pleased to report that I ate it.  Most of it anyway.

Pregnancy victory!!  I'm not saying I could do it again today if put in the same situation, but I did it!  Maybe there will be hope for a hamburger on the fire at the lake this summer! Obviously I ate the cookie.  I really enjoyed the cookie.  There was not even a crumb to show off at the end.  Thankfully with baby taking up so much room, I don't need to eat very much to feel full.  I gave the chips to my client because I'm just not really a chip person and I know that he enjoys them.

Hamburger defeated.  I guess we'll know for sure in just a little over 5 weeks!  

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