Saturday, May 4, 2013

Getting Closer...

Today we started the day off with a nice waffle breakfast at my parents' house.

Then it was time to say goodbye to a dear pet, Foxy.  We had a nice little funeral for her.  Sammi, Pepper, and Ginger were all there and Stephanie sang a nice song for her.  Foxy was our family pet (more specifically, Stephanie's pet) for the last 11 years.  Even though her and I got off to a rough start, Foxy really did turn out to be a sweet dog, but she never did like me as much as she liked Stephanie.  :)    

After the funeral we had a family lunch.  Then it was time to get to work!  

Hubby headed home to paint baby's room... which looks AWESOME!  I can't wait to get the furniture in there so I can post some before and after pictures on here.  Hubby hates painting, but he went all out for Baby Cook.  Tomorrow we'll clean up the floor and maybe put up the crib!  I guess he still has to trim the window, but maybe the crib can be in there for that.   

I finished sewing the squares for the quilt I'm working on.  Now I just have to finish laying it all out and sewing everything together!  I have big plans for this quilt since it's one that I plan to use on our bed.  I'm using Amy Butler fabric for it (my favorite!) and am planning on making it REVERSIBLE!!  I've been doing cool things with the backs of my quilts lately, but this one will be the most extensive.   

This is the start of laying out the squares.  Huge thanks to Auntie Lu for the idea to put the squares on a flannel lined table cloth... genius!  Not only does it protect the squares from sliding all over the place when the animals decide to go wandering across it, but you can also just roll it up and save it for another day! 

When I finished the squares, my mom and I started on projects for Baby Cook!  Between the two of us we made six burp rags!  They didn't take long at all and turned out super cute.  I'm excited to make more!  I am loving the orange chevron flannel, so I think we might even have to make a quilt out of it.  

In the meantime, Hubby put together our newest purchase.  A wagon!  I'm really excited to use it this summer.  I have big plans for an amazing garden so this will be very handy.  And I will probably use it as a photo prop for Baby Cook.  Why not?

It was a really great day today and I expect that tomorrow will be a great day, too!  

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