Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekly Wednesday:48

We have been loving this weather!! 

The dogs approve but I think the lake is still too cold.  Burr!  :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 47

I know what you're thinking. 

Wow, she's a day early! 

Haha, not quite.  More like one day short of being a whole week late!  Anyway, week 47 photos were a huge struggle.  I think it's actually lucky he sat on the giraffe chair at all! 

And judging by those pants, I'd say it's time for the next size up.  :)  I finally went through his drawers today and switched everything out for 12 and 18 month sizes.  He was mostly in 12 month already, but the different brands have sizing all over the place!  

My poor baby has been having a bit of a rough patch the last week learning his new tricks.  First he tried to pull himself up on my pants, slipped, and hit his face on my knee.  So sad.  Gave himself a bloody lip.  Then Hubby had him upstairs and he launched himself off the bed.  Another bloody lip.  And now a couple days ago he was zooming really fast in his walker, got a wheel caught and tipped it over.  That poor lip split right back open.  It healed up really fast, but I'm not sure if it was more traumatic for him or me when he was bleeding.  I know bumps and bruises are part of the whole process, but I still feel really bad about it. So it's time to rotate out the baby gear and put away the walker and focus on the ride-on and walk behind toys.  

He seems ok with that. 

I scored that gem at a garage sale for $0.50.  It was a great find!  I love that it is low enough to the ground that I don't have to worry about my wobbly baby bumping his face.  

And since I haven't updated in a while, here's a fun photo of Cameron meeting a new furry friend!  My grandma had two calves in her garage while it was so cold and rainy.  They had to move back out to the barn, but Cameron thought they were pretty neat!

Cameron also had his first multi-night stay with my parents while Hubby and I were away for a wedding.  It was nice to hang out with friends for an entire weekend!  At the rehearsal dinner Hubby tried to sneak a bite of my chicken and I realized that I hadn't been able to eat all of my own food since Cameron started real (my) food.  Seriously, the kid can eat a lot these days!

We had so much fun being baby-free at the wedding dance, too! 

With any luck I will get my posts back on track for tomorrow. (Week 48!!!)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 46

This week Cameron learned how to go from laying down to sitting all on his own.  I didn't realize how important that skill is. It makes his life so much better because he was really starting to get frustrated when he would be stuck on his belly.  He is a wild little monster in his walker.  Seriously, watch your toes!  He will run you over! 

We even travel with the walker now because he loves it so much.  The cats at my parent's house aren't so thrilled.  He was trying his hardest to get Betsy's tail when I took this picture.  :)  Poor kitty.  

We also started swimming lessons last week so that has been a lot of fun!  We've mostly been working on getting him used to being in the water but last time he even got to swim with a noodle!  

My dad was discharged from the hospital for the third time on Sunday.  He ended up with an infection in his back so they had to keep him there until it was gone.  Hopefully that was the last of the hospital stays, but he jokes that he almost has a service of 4 big water mugs.  I won't pretend that I don't LOVE the huge mug I got from the hospital, but I'd rather he didn't finish off his set.  

Oh, did I mention Cameron's new trick? Check this out 

He loves pushing this around, but he can't go as fast as he does in his walker.  I haven't really let him push it around on the wood floors yet since that would be a harder fall, but that will come soon!  He'll be walking on his own in no time!  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Area Meet

Today was the area meet for Auntie's Special Olympics gymnastics team. Cameron really wanted to run free, but I was too worried he would fall in the foam pit and get lost.  :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 45

A little too bright outside. :) 

We've had a crazy week!  Last weekend I took a mommy vacation and headed down to my longtime friend's bachelorette party.  It was a blast!  I am super excited for her wedding.  I suppose it has taken me all week to recover.  I thought I'd be good at staying awake until almost 4 am.  It turns out that even though I don't get much sleep normally, I still need to go to bed early.  I didn't get any photos of the action, but check out these sugar daddies... Rawr! 

Yesterday we started the day with a trip to the ER.  My dad had back surgery about 2 weeks ago and it was giving him a lot of trouble.  He ended up in emergency surgery where they removed two large bone fragments that were irritating the nerves in his spine. (I don't know how big "large" is when speaking in terms of bone fragments, but this is something that can happen with the kind of surgery he had and we knew this before he had the surgery.)  The doctor was confident that he removed any bone that could possibly turn into floaters, so hopefully he will be on track to heal up successfully this time.  His nerve is still irritated, so they are keeping him in the hospital until they figure out how to treat it.  I was so thankful for my Ergo carrier because a hospital is definitely not a baby's favorite place to be!  Cameron was even able to get in a couple of naps throughout the day.  

I am sure my dad wouldn't appreciate any hospital photos of him on the blog (no, I didn't even take one) so this will have to do.  This was a few minutes before nap number one and I would say it looks like I should've napped, too!  The super nice staff in the emergency room turned off the lights in the waiting room so the baby could sleep.  I guess I assumed that emergency rooms were always packed and busy, but we were the only ones in that part for the whole hour Cameron napped!  I think we were finally able to head for home around 6:00.  After putting in a 10 hour day at the hospital we were very happy to be home! 

We have all kinds of awesome plans coming up in May so I expect that I will either have a lot to blog about (I'm sure) or I will be so exhausted that I will forget to update (also sure).  My goal is more mini-posts throughout the week so I don't have to try remember everything on Wednesday (Friday).  

Happy weekend!