Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hubby and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in July!  

I introduced him to snapchat while we were waiting for our food. 

 The bumble bees are probably my favorite filter. 🐝

Birthday Fun

Cameron turned 3 and Gabe turned 1!  We had a fun party even if it was so humid that it was hard to be outside.  


The 52 Week Project

Oh HEEEEEY!  I DO still have a blog!

Gabe took his first steps on June 18, the day before Cameron's birthday!  That's the big milestone I can still remember that I hadn't blogged about.  Thankfully it happened on such an easy day to remember.  Now we are working towards our next milestone which will hopefully be sleeping all night.  I mean, I'd even be happy with 5 hours of solid sleep.  This mama is TIRED!

So the big project that I was working on with the weekly photos was this awesome collage.

I had it printed and framed to display at the birthday party.  My plan is to hang it next to Cameron's collage but I need to rearrange the photos on my walls so it will fit!