Sunday, March 30, 2014

Growing Baby! 9 Months!

Weekly Wednesday: 40

I finally told Hubby that I wasn't going to do anything else until I uploaded week 40.  So I made some bread, had a visit from Hubby's parents, cleaned up the kitchen, washed some diapers, and now I'm finally posting photos.  It's so easy to get distracted!

Cameron is working on his top teeth.  Poor guy.  He has two coming in at the same time!  I am sure he wants them to stop hurting as much as mommy does!  We've been huge fans of the Hyland's Teething Tablets.  They seem to work really well.  I get nervous giving him Tylenol after reading articles that talk about how much damage it can do.  He still gets it every once in a while, but I feel better when we don't have to give it to him every time.  I'm not sure if his amber necklace is helping much with these teeth.  

Hopefully once this round of teething is over we will sleep better!  Mommy is TIRED!

Apparently there is a blizzard in our forecast.  We are not looking forward to more snow- it's finally all starting to melt!  We hope it misses us and that we get spring instead.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bath Time and Other Shenanigans

The Weekly Wednesday photos are busy hanging out on my camera.  I plan on uploading them to my computer tonight. So here are are a few photos to hold you over until I get my act together.  

Cameron is so busy all the time.  Getting his diaper on is a struggle some days.  Pants? Yeah right.  Both socks? Good luck.  

And on the rare occasion that he just hangs out, he takes up all the space.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Think Spring!

Auntie came over for a fun crafting day.  We decided to make some spring things!  We are so over winter.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 39

Here we are, week 39!  Cameron has been working on some top teeth and I've been wiped out with some kind of bug.  Yesterday I called in reinforcements and took a sick day.  Thank goodness auntie was available to spend the day helping me take care of Cameron!  So that explains why we get phone photos.  We had to do them in the living room because Pepper is FILTHY from the melting snow and I didn't want to let her on my bed.  I love that the snow is melting.  But the transition from snow to nice green grass is so dirty.  

Cameron has officially been out as long as he was in!  :)  I guess I still haven't done anything with these pictures, but here are the last photos in my pregnancy project.  I was in the hospital and the nurses were ready to get things going when I had to stop everything and take my last picture in my pregnancy shirt. I still remember the nurse laughing at me.  She said I was the craftiest person she had ever seen in labor.  She was also concerned that if we didn't hurry Cameron would be born before we were finished taking the pictures.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 38!

Happy Wednesday! 

This week Cameron has been entertaining us with peek-a-boo and "so big!" 

So big!  

I tell myself the higher up on his face the food gets, the more he liked it.  The green smoothie this morning was awesome!  He had yogurt in his hair the other day so that is obviously his favorite. 

Where's Cameron??

There he is!! 

Yesterday it was so nice outside that I was able to hang diapers outside! 

We are a little disappointed that it isn't as nice today, but hopefully it'll keep getting warmer!  We are ready for summer! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Breakfast Time

Cameron loves his puppy.  Cameron loves to feed his puppy his breakfast. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 37

This past week has been a lot of fun!  

On Saturday I had a mini mommy vacation and headed out of town to visit my best friend from elementary school!  We started off the day with her bridal shower.  I can't wait for her wedding.  She is going to be the most beautiful bride- seriously.  She may have re-introduced me to the joys of the wii... I might have a slight addiction to Just Dance.  (Wait, is that what it's called?  I'm not going to look it up because then I will probably not get this post published until next week sometime.  That's how it starts... "I wonder what that game was called... how much does a wii cost?  I bet I could order that game on Amazon.  It would be here in two days with my Prime membership."  Oh boy, it's better to just guess at the name.)  

Anyway, we even went out to the bar!  I haven't been out for a very long time.  I was a little concerned that I would miss my baby so much that I would be tempted to get home right after the bridal shower.  Surprisingly, it was not as hard as I expected.  It was great to have a baby-free night to recharge.  We stayed up until almost 3am, which is LAAAAATE!  But even though I only got between 4-5 hours of sleep, they were the most glorious consecutive hours!  

The past week Cameron has been practicing really hard with using the sippy cup on his own.  He has also been learning to eat cheerios all by himself!  I bought some training cups on Facebook swap so I think that he will like using those, too, especially since he likes to drink out of real cups when I hold them.  Now he will be able to try a non-sippy without having all of the liquid hit him in the face when he tips the cup too far.  

Cameron has been making the most hilarious noises.  He tries so hard to make us laugh.  Sometimes he will even fake cough to get our attention.  He's really learning how to cruise around in the walker we have (it is the same one Hubby had as a baby!)  He can zoom backwards, but he doesn't quite get how to move forward yet!  

Pepper has been busy trying to keep the coyotes out of our yard.  Creepy, creepy.  Today I let her outside and she tore off toward the field.  I was worried that maybe the coyotes had popped back over the hill and I didn't see them.  Nope, not this time.  This time it was a bald eagle sitting in the field.  Thankfully he flew away without taking Pepper with him.  As much as I do not like the coyotes, I absolutely love that they are my problem now instead of trains and traffic and sirens.  :)