Sunday, May 12, 2013

34 Weeks!

Today was an incredible way to start my 34th week!  According to TheBump, baby is the size of a butternut squash and apparently might be able to recognize songs that I'm singing.  The website suggested that songs I sing now will be soothing to baby after he is born.  So we'll probably spend lots of time singing to the radio in the car if that will be what soothes him.  :) 

We started off the day with baptism for the twinsies.  They are both so adorable!  Silly Audrey covered her face for this picture, but I'm sure someone had to get a photo where she wasn't doing that... (hint hint, if you have one, send it to me!) 

Group photo of the proud parents and sponsors

Hubby and I with Goddaughter Audrey!

Hubby and I with sweet little Claire in her after baptism party dress!

When we got home I had hubby take a bump photo for me with my beautiful Mother's Day flowers!  

One of the baskets has these awesome flowers that look like confetti!

And Hubby picked out the next basket because the white flowers smell wonderful!

We are making more progress on the nursery.  Today we got the crib put together and the dresser moved into the room!  So exciting!  Now I can start going through the bags and boxes of clothes I have acquired and see what we have and what we still need.  Thanks to facebook swap & shop and some awesome luck at rummage sales yesterday, I think that Baby has a pretty good start on what he will need.  Hubby is convinced that we absolutely do not need any more baby clothes.  I'm not so sure.  Especially when I've been finding such good deals!  Seriously, I love a good deal.  I've also had some great luck with baby gear and toys!  Although I'm trying really hard not to buy toys... but sometimes they're just too cute to pass up.

Coming up on my task list will be to get everything washed and put in the dresser.  I'm just waiting for my sister's foot to heal so she can come over and help me.  She loves the cute baby clothes just as much as I do so that makes it extra fun to look through them!  I can always count on her to encourage me to continue my bargain hunting for the most adorable outfits I can find! Of course she already has plans for the outfits she is going to keep at her house so she can change baby into her favorites whenever he comes over.  So clearly we will need at least two full wardrobes.     

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