Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 32!

The weeks are just flying by!  I'm torn between wanting summer to hurry up and get here and wanting the weeks to slow down so my baby doesn't grow so fast!  

Despite a bit of a cold or teething or whatever it is that is making him fuss at me, it hasn't stopped him from learning how to be on the move.  He isn't crawling, but he can roll and scoot across the living room so fast I can hardly keep up.  What's that?  Pepper's bone?  Computer cords?  Mommy's foot?  Oh my!  I've been saying that we need to baby proof for a while, but now it's REAL.  

I don't even want to say it for fear of jinxing my luck lately, but we've only been waking up at about 1:30 and then not again until 6:30 or 7!  Last night we had an extra wake up at 4, but then we slept in until 7:30!  Woo hoo!

Also, we've been starting to filter in some 12 month size clothes into his drawers.  He still fits into his 9 month clothes, but it's fun to have extra options.  When we pulled out some of the 12 month jammies, Hubby laughed and told me that they were "huge!"  He wasn't laughing when they fit our baby already.  :)  

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