Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 30

On Friday we had Cameron's 6 month appointment.  He weighed in at just under 18 pounds (mommy knows best!) and is 27 1/4 inches tall!  

The pediatrician said we don't need to be moving so slow with solids.  He said just have fun with it- feed him 3 meals a day and only avoid honey, peanut butter and egg whites.  I didn't ask why he can't have egg whites, so that is a mystery.  I've been trying to add in fun new things (like yogurt!) but bananas are still his favorite.  

Last night we packed Cameron's suitcase and sent him off for his first overnight stay at grandma's!

Auntie was so excited for her overnight guest!  

Hubby and I headed out for a date night... 

We had a delicious supper and so much fun talking about everything we could do.  Go to a movie?! Go downtown for a drink?!  The blizzard everyone was expecting seemed to have town pretty quiet so we opted to stay close to the hotel.  Our movie plans quickly changed when we saw that the only shows we would be able to make it to had 10:30 pm start times!  Would we be able to stay awake?!  Instead we opted for sleep.  I slept for the most glorious 7 consecutive hours.  I don't even remember the last time I got that much sleep!  Woo hoo!  It's crazy how things change.  Not too many years ago college night life would just be starting at 10:30 (unless it was a Tuesday... then we had to be out by 7:00 for $0.30 taps!)

Anyway, we are hoping we don't get stranded here and are able to make it back to our baby tonight!  (Although the thought of 7 more consecutive hours of sleep sure are tempting!) ;)

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