Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 28 (Happy New Year!)

This week we have been having lots of fun trying new foods!  So far bananas are the favorite.  We tried  apple sauce again tonight and it went much better than it did the first time.  We tried green beans last night and he was definitely not a fan!  He also isn't a fan of squash (unless it is mixed with banana) or peas.  I love the stage he is at right now.  He isn't so fragile any more but he still can't run away from me.  :)   

We started our new year's celebration with a super fancy supper yesterday.  We Hubby went all out and bought live lobsters.  I can't take any credit for this.  I was scared of them.  Eeeeek!  

We all had to check out the lobster activity, but we weren't so sure we liked it.  

Here they go!  Get in the pot Mr. Lobster!

Seriously, we had a FEAST.  Hubby is an amazing cook.  The only thing I can take credit for is the pretty dishes.

We made our first attempt at feeding little mister some green beans, but he was way more interested in the lobster. 

From there we headed to my parents' house.  Little man got to spend some quality story time with Auntie.

And then it was time for the countdown.... 

Haha.  I will admit that if I would've been snuggled in that chair with a sleeping baby, I would've been sound asleep, too! 

Today we spent the day working on a couple of fun projects.  Hubby was in the woodshop working on new end tables for our living room that will be more baby-proof than our current ones (definitely not sturdy!)   Cameron and I headed to my parents to make Pepper some cold weather gear.  But I can't take any credit for the finished product.  I made cookies instead.  My mom crafted these awesome dog booties.

We haven't tried them outside yet, but I think her feet will be much happier!  Hopefully they will stay on when she goes bounding through the snow!

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