Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 29 (Happy Birthday Auntie!)

Wednesdays have been so crazy lately!  Yesterday we were busy running around celebrating Auntie's birthday.  So fun!

So this week Cameron has been busy realizing how much fun his toys are.  And how much fun it is to pull off his socks.  His jumperoo is set up next to his basket of toys and lately he is not happy unless I sit next to him and hand him every toy out of the basket.  Then he drops them on the floor because he has so many toys he can't hold them all and it starts all over again.  He likes to grab at faces, too.  Today I told him to keep his hands off my new glasses and he didn't like that!

We've added pears onto the list of foods that he actually likes.  Sweet potatoes did NOT go as well as I was hoping.  We will revisit them in a couple of weeks.  :)  I'm not going by a specific "feeding schedule" so I'm curious what the pediatrician will say about that.  I'm planning to introduce avocado next.  Hopefully that goes better than green beans and peas!  

We have his 6 month appointment tomorrow!  I am excited to see how much he weighs!  I would guess around 18 pounds but Hubby is guessing closer to 22.  Haha.  At his 4 month appointment he was just over 14 pounds.  We will see who is right!

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