Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Showers

This really doesn't have anything to do with April showers, although it did rain a bit today.  It's hard to believe that it's already the end of April.  Getting baby's room ready reminded me that we were doing the exact same thing a year ago... only in every other room but the nursery.  It was probably the end of March 2012 that we decided to make the move out to the country.  We would be moving into what used to be my grandparent's house, but since the house had been unoccupied for quite a while, there was a lot of work to do!  Thank goodness for an army of helpers that came to help us clean and paint.  We managed to get the living room, dining room, two bedrooms, and my craft room all painted before we moved in at the end of April.   

      Living Room before paint                       Living & Dining Room before paint

Painting the craft room
Painting the living room


Painting the entryway (What, you thought we could get all of that done without wine??)

By May 1st, Hubby and I had both left our jobs for new ones, we had checked out of our rental house, and we had everything moved into our new home!

Obviously it took a while to get organized.... especially since we started another project- Fixing the bathroom!!


I love the bathroom now.  Hubby did a fantastic job!


 A couple of months after our big move, we got our sweet little Pepper.

Brand New Pepper

Bringing Pepper home!

And then we had a wedding..... 

Busy making the programs!

We went on an amazing honeymoon and both loved Voyager's View National Park so much we had to go back... with Pepper!

Boat training the Big Pep

Is that a bald eagle?!

In November we got a new nephew!!  We love you, Miles!

Now it's only a couple more months until we welcome our own little baby into the family!  I can hardly believe we have been living here just a few days short of a year.   


It's hard to think of all of the things we will accomplish by next May.  We do, however, know what we will be doing this coming weekend... finishing up painting in baby's room and (hopefully) getting some of the gear assembled!  I can hardly wait!

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