Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine!

Shortly after we woke up this morning, Pepper stole my phone to facetime with Auntie Steph.  

Speaking of Auntie Steph, she is full of helpful advice to get me through this pregnancy.  I have to write about her advice mostly because I never want to forget it, especially this little gem.

I had been feeling sick the whole first trimester and was on my way into the second.  Auntie didn't like that I was sick, and I suppose she was worried that me being sick was not good for the baby.  She would call every day to ask what I had eaten, if I had fed the baby fruit and juice, because that would be good for baby.  I would tell her what I had tried and if it tasted good or not.  One day she called me up and said "Maybe you should be eating baby food.  Babies need baby food!  I think you need to buy some baby food so baby can eat!"

I love my sister.  

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