Monday, April 15, 2013

10 weeks to go!

I've decided that it's finally time to take the plunge into blogging world!  

Here I am, week 30! 


I have another project that I've been working on with bump pictures, but I don't plan to share it until after Baby Cook makes his appearance.

I am getting very excited to meet him, but hubby and I need the next 10 weeks to get started on the nursery.  One of the best questions that I get asked A LOT is if we have the nursery finished.  HA!  We tend to be procrastinators around here, I always have been.  I say that I do my best work under pressure.  It could have something to do with my indecisiveness; when I don't have time to debate about things I am much better at making decisions!  On Friday, hubby was amazing and completely emptied out the room that we will be making into the nursery.  As I can imagine most people would do with an extra room, it had been quickly turning into a really huge storage closet.

We also have the great name debate to settle.  We have a few ideas that we both really like, but that doesn't mean we will stop brainstorming.  It has been fun checking out the birth announcements at my doctor's office.  Usually it goes something like this:
Me:"I like that name."  
Josh: "No.  That is a last name."  
My grandma told me that when she was pregnant she didn't bother thinking of names in advance.  She said that you never really know their name until you meet them.  I agree.

Perhaps one of the most challenging goals I have in mind (that better not take me the whole 10 weeks!) is to get hubby to shave his beard.  It is massive.  I think he's trying to get back at me because last year he shaved for my valentine's present.  Not this year.  He has said that he won't shave until it's at least 50 degrees outside.  My goal is to get him to shave so we can do some maternity pictures before my shower on Saturday.  Any advice is appreciated here, my deadline is less than a week away!  I have threatened to shave half of it in his sleep, but I'm sure we will have a much happier house if he does it himself.

On a completely different subject, It's Pepper's 1st Birthday Today!!

Happy birthday big puppy!  I made brownies for the occasion and she caught herself a bird (which I made her leave outside when I let her in).  So I would say it's a successful day for both of us so far.  


  1. Haha - love the beard comment! Steve had a big red beard too and it was gross! He kept getting food in it and it was embarrassing!!! Steve also had the plan to wait for 50 degree weather (at this rate that will be in June!) but fortunately / unfortunately other events occurred that meant he had to shape up! My handsome hubby is back!

    Great blog Amanda! Keep us posted! Lizzie

    1. Haha- it is probably a daily occurrence around here that the huge beard gets food stuck in it. I guess I will probably never understand what the deal is with these guys and their beards!

  2. Ha Ha!!!! This is Adriene under my son's account. Love the blog. May do one myself (on the advice of friends who've laughed at a few of my toddler excerpts). Speaking of advice, I have some wonderful incentive that could convince hubby to shave his beard, but I don't believe you can take part in this activity until after baby is born! (Of course I went there, someone had to.) I plan on being at your shower, and need some ideas as to what you haven't collected for Baby Boy Cook yet? You look wonderful and happy. Tell You Know Who I said "Hi" and TEN! xoxo

  3. By the way, got my OWN big girl account and P.S. Happy Birthday Pepper!