Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sewing Machine Surgery.

Today was a crafting day.  I had big plans for a prop to use in the maternity photos that we will be taking this weekend.  So thanks to a large supply of burlap table runners left over from the wedding, my project was off to a great start!  

Hubby came home and I was so excited to show him the project.  I had one piece left to finish the edge on and I hit a bit of a snag... Somehow I got a huge knot that I accidentally forced my way through.  (I can hear all of my sewing friends cringing.  I should've known better.)  After the big tangle, I couldn't get the machine to sew!  With only two edges left to finish, this is like torture.  I rethreaded the machine, checked the manual, and still couldn't figure it out.  I called up Auntie Lu to see if she had any helpful advice, no such luck.  Apparently she follows the rules and doesn't force the needle when it doesn't want to go.  (I learned my lesson, don't worry.)  

I went running to check out advice from my next expert, Mr. Google.  Thanks to a couple other people who probably didn't follow the rules either, I found out that it could be something with the timing belt.  Possibly over confident because I am my mother's daughter and she has a knack for fixing broken sewing machines, or because my hubby just loves to get right into things and see how they work, I figured that I could definitely solve this problem.  I took off one piece of the machine and was overwhelmed by what looked like enough fuzz to stuff a toy for Baby Cook!  Sometimes too much fuzz can cause problems, so I thought maybe if I cleaned it, the problem would be solved.  Not so lucky. So I called in Hubby for back up.  

Obviously anyone who knows my hubby knows that he would jump at the chance to take something apart.  I was a bit of a nervous wreck.  He had to take off every piece of my machine that could be unscrewed.  Yikes.  It was at this moment I was wondering if I should've just waited and brought it to an actual expert and not just expert Google.  I was actually so worried that he wouldn't be able to get it back together that I had to leave the room for part of the process.

Thankfully after some tinkering, he was able to fix the timing belt.  And I was able to finish the edges of my project.  I didn't even have to steal a machine from my mom, which was my next thought since she was off coaching gymnastics and probably wouldn't have noticed there was a machine missing. :D    

Sneak Peek of the Project!
I'm so excited about it.  I have until Saturday to get the finishing touches put on it.  After we use it in the photoshoot, I plan to hang it above the crib in the nursery.  It's nice to have some plans for nursery decor.  Not only do I have hopes of getting the nursery wall patched and painted, but also DECORATED!  Woo hoo!

A picture of me and the big puppy, just for fun.
UPDATE:  After reviewing my post, hubby reassures me that he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time, without any help from google.  So THANK YOU hubby, for being my in home sewing machine doctor.

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  1. What - a timing belt??? I didn't know a sewing machine had a timing belt! Well, good thing I have Josh's number in case my machine needs a tune-up ☺