Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just Another Saturday Morning

It's not a secret that I like to sleep in lately.  However, on Saturday mornings, I don't mind waking up early.  Especially because Hubby and Puppy don't realize that I'm awake because they are already downstairs.  Generally I wake up to a conversation that goes like this:

Hubby: "Come on Pepper, it's your favorite show!"
I assume Pepper gets really excited and takes her spot on the couch.
Hubby: "I wonder what the Littlest Hobo will do today!  Look, Pepper, it's your boyfriend London!"
I picture Pepper perking up to see London, the dog on the TV show "Littlest Hobo" that we can watch because we get CBC.
Hubby: "Pepper, why don't your ears stand up like London's?"

London, the star of Littlest Hobo, just in case you didn't know who I was talking about.

The show continues.

Hubby: "Oh no, Pepper!  Is London going to die today!?"

At this point I have to get out of bed to find out what's happening on this crazy show.  Puppy was excited to see me, but more excited for me to let her outside.  Hubby told me that the stress of wondering if London would survive was too much for our puppy, obviously that's why she had to go outside.  I'm sure it's because this show has put ideas into her head that she can save people in the wilderness, which is why she insists on running straight into the muddy woods.

Anyway, yesterday was a very productive day here!  Hubby got a new window put in baby's room and Pepper got a bath.  We've been getting packages from UPS almost daily... I'm sure the UPS guy loves the job security, even if Pepper doesn't like him at all.  Blame our Amazon Prime membership, which is one of the best things hubby ever introduced to me, and Zulily, a website that posts deals every morning.

New Window!!

On today's agenda...Hubby is going to texturize the rest of the patched area in baby's room and I'm going to pick up the PAINT!   It's finally beautiful outside, I'd say this calls for wearing a dress... or at least capris!  I'm so excited to put some of my warm weather maternity clothes to use! 

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