Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekly Wednesday: 16

My favorite Weekly Wednesday ever. 

I just want to make this picture huge and hang it on my wall.  Right now.  They are going to be trouble when Cameron is older.

It's so nice outside!  We love it!  We do NOT love the asian beetles that decided to take over our yard.  Time to break out my spray bottle of dawn dish soap and peppermint oil.  That seems to help for a little while at least.    

This week Cameron has been loving his Sophie teether and rattles and pretty much any toy he can put in his mouth.  I am convinced that his teeth will come in any day.  I can see that they are SO CLOSE.  That will be exciting (and probably a bit frightening as far as nursing goes, eek!)  He is also SO CLOSE to rolling over.  He still doesn't enjoy tummy time very much.  When he gets mad is when he starts rocking back and forth.  I'm torn if I should flip him over and stop torturing him or let him figure it out on his own.  So far I've helped him every time.  Maybe that will be the news for week 17.    

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