Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Breakfast, friends, and an unexpected trip to the clinic

What a great weekend! 

We had lots of fun and were able to get in a few more walks before the temperature dropped!  

 Hooray for the Ergo! 

On Saturday morning we headed to great-grandma's for breakfast!  Cameron made friends with Daisy and Lucy. Kind of.  Daisy was more interested in trying to steal his toys and Lucy just wasn't sure what to think.  Haha little doggies, just wait until Cameron can chase you! 

On Saturday evening we headed to our friends' house and got to meet their new little man!  It's hard to believe he is two months younger than my little man!  They look almost the same size!  Although Cameron is definitely more solid.  I'm curious how much Liam weighs.  It was crazy holding a younger baby.  I'm very thankful that Cameron is not quite as fragile any more!  

Today Cameron had a trip to the clinic.  Yep, another one!  Yesterday I noticed a bump on his bottom and I didn't remember that it had been there before.  Of course it couldn't show up before his appointment that wasn't even a week ago.  I was happy that we were able to get in today since Cameron's pediatrician is usually very hard to get into without a months in advance appointment!  After a quick check, we left with baby's first prescription!  The pediatrician asked me if Cameron was allergic to any medications.  Really?  

I suppose we will find out, won't we?! 

He reassured me that if Cameron does have allergies to medications, we will find out with the next one.  Keeping my fingers crossed that he is allergy free!  Anyway, they are going to run some tests so we won't actually know what the deal is with the bump for about 48 hours.

Sometimes I think it's crazy that I'm a parent.  I mean, how in the world do people know what to do?!  And then I do things like notice strange bumps and get them fixed.  So maybe I won't be so bad at this after all.  :)   

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