Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Story Time and Coffee Time!

Today was a busy day!  

We started off the morning with story time at the library!  (Actually we started off the morning scrambling to get out the door so we would be in time for story time at the library, but punctuality is a topic for a post on its own.)  We made it just in time!  It was so fun getting out to do something special for my little man.  I'm thankful for my mommy friend that introduced me to it!  I'm excited to learn the songs so Cameron will watch me instead of everyone but me.  He was LOVING the mommy next to me, she knew all of the songs.  The only time I was able to capture his attention was during the main story- guess what it was!  Barnyard Dance!  Yay!  We love Barnyard Dance!  I didn't get a photo during story time, but here is a photo of story time with Auntie a couple days ago.  

After the library, I headed across town to pick up Little Miss.  She had big plans for a coffee date.  She makes the best plans.  We love Cafe 116!  

He has been loving his Sophie lately!  

When we got home we tested out nap time in the crib. 

It looks like he's sleeping peacefully, but honestly it must've been just a lucky moment.  He's been nearly inconsolable since we got home.  See that swaddle?  Yikes.  I'm not sure if it's safe to swaddle with a blanket when their feet stick out the bottom.  Having his arms tucked in was the only way I was going to get him to calm down, so blanket swaddle it was.  

Anyway, my poor baby has screamed so much that he's loosing his voice (scream?).  I feel so bad.  I'm not exactly sure what is making him so upset.  Teething?  Maybe it's teething.  The pediatrician warned me that I would blame a lot of things on teething.  We have his four month appointment tomorrow morning so I'm sure he will remind me that I will blame a lot of things on teething.  At least if we are up all night we won't have to worry about waking up on time!  18 weeks tomorrow.  I think his 18th week would be a good week to get teeth!  

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  1. So glad you know The Barnyard Dance!