Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photo Fun

It was such a beautiful day today!  I had been meaning to take some pictures of Cameron in his baptism outfit since his baptism.  I was so bummed when it got cold outside and that I hadn't taken them.  I wasn't going to miss what will probably be the last nice outside day!  His grandma worked very hard on the outfit and I love how it turned out.  I am not sure that I have the patience for sewing clothing.  I know that she used to sew dresses and things for me but I don't see myself keeping that going.  But then again, I didn't think I would ever see myself quilting either.  I'm glad that changed!  

Cameron wasn't quite as excited about the pictures as I was, but at least his outfit still fit.  :)  Pepper told me that she was absolutely not going to be in any pictures today.  She was too busy being a filthy beast.  Seriously, she was way too muddy to be close to us anyway.

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