Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 51!

We are almost to the end of our weekly pictures!  Honestly it's probably the only year long photo project I've actually completed.  I was telling Hubby that we only have ONE Weekly Wednesday left and he said

"So that's the end of Littlest Cookie?!"  

No need to worry!  I still plan to update, although I might need some reminders so I don't completely forget about it.  

Cameron is really getting the hang of using his walker.  He gets the happiest look when he realizes he can zoom around without my help.  He's starting to get a bit of attitude when I take things away from him.  We've gotten much better about having a bedtime routine for him.  Every night Daddy gives him a bath in the sink.  I think that's his favorite part of the day!

On Thursday we had a big day!  We spent the whole day at a quilt show!  Cameron did really well and only complained when he was hungry or wet.  I wore him in the Tula, there is no room at quilt shows for strollers!  We usually take a group photo in front of our favorite quilt at the show, but Cameron was a little too restless by the time we were going to look at the displays and I forgot all about it!  One thing is for sure, I saved a lot of money having a baby with me.  I only bought one kit!  I was hoping to have it finished for his birthday, but I think it's more realistic to hope that I have it finished for his second or third birthday.  :)

Pepper had her appointment at the vet today and we found out that she got bit by a deer tick.  :(  She doesn't have lyme disease but something called anaplasmosis.  Poor girl.  She didn't have any symptoms (apparently some dogs don't, but often the symptoms are similar to lyme disease) and was just due for her check up so we could get her heartguard.  She has to be on medicine for 30 days and hopefully that clears everything up!

This week was a hard week to decide which pictures I liked the best.  So I'm just going to show you all of them!

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