Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 50

This past week we were extra busy with a visit from Grandma Carol.  They had had lots of fun and Hubby and I even got to go on a date!  Although with a sick baby it's hard to be gone for very long, so we just went for supper and came home again.  Cameron and Pepper were so sad when she left.  

Cameron is working so hard at walking.  He still thinks he needs to hold on with both hands so I've been trying to challenge him a bit and only let him hold one hand.  Every once in a while he will let go completely and stand for a (very) short time all on his own!  I am not sure if he will be walking unassisted by his birthday.  It's hard to tell, but it's incredible how much he grows every week.  At first it seemed easy to mark the different milestones, but now everything has been happening so fast!  I did a very unofficial weigh in last week and he was somewhere around 23 pounds.  He's wearing a mixture of 12 month and 18 month clothes.  We've also had success at teaching him the sign for "milk" (although it's getting harder and harder to keep him interested in nursing unless he is tired) and he has adapted his own version of "all done" by waving his arms like crazy and pushing any food from his tray onto the floor.  Or at least that's when we tell him he is all done. ;)

He's also been pointing at things he wants.  This is one of the milestones that happened and I didn't even realize that it had started.  He shakes his head "no" and thinks it's hilarious.  I think I will probably have to try a bit harder to be more serious when I tell him no.  Telling him something is icky seems to be more effective at getting him to stop doing something.  

"Don't put that stick in your mouth.  Icky."  

"That's Pepper's bone.  Icky." 

"Don't eat that bug.  Icky."

Too bad he doesn't believe me that Pepper's water dish is icky.  That's way too much fun to be icky. :)

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