Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 49

Pepper was not interested in pictures this week.  Cameron was not interested in pants.  

We had a busy week last week and I actually forgot to post this!  We had company Memorial Day weekend and got to start up our fire pit for the first time this year!  

It was finally nice enough to get out and get the garden planted (and get a sun burn!!). We are hoping to have better luck this year than we did last year.  Hubby put in a lot of time digging a ditch around the garden so hopefully the runoff from the driveway/garage doesn't wash it all away again!  I checked today and saw a few sprouts coming up! 

Cameron had his last swimming lesson.  He even got a report card.  We were a little sad, but hopefully the lake will be ready for us soon! 

My poor baby has been feeling a little under the weather so this mommy had her first experience cleaning throw up out of the car seat.  Not fun.  Today we had lots of rocking and snuggles.  It was amazing how good he felt when Hubby walked in the door though.  Like a completely different baby.  It was really cute watching Cameron and Pepper both race to the door when they heard him come home!  But after a little daddy time he was back to not feeling so good for bedtime snuggles with mommy.  I guess we are lucky that besides having colds, this is the first time he's been sick!  I hope he feels better in the morning.     

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