Friday, July 19, 2013

One Month!

The past month has officially been the fastest month of my life.

Big Bear and Little Bear... and Roarbert the Lion.

Pepper just loves getting in on these photos, too.  

And just for fun, here is his one week photo for comparison...

In other news, I got my first box from Citrus Lane today!  Happy one month birthday little buddy, we you got fun mail!  Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription service that sends a box of fun things for your baby.  I never knew that this kind of company existed, and now I might be hooked!  The items in the boxes are picked specifically based on the age of your child, from birth to 5 years old!  I used a coupon code so I didn't pay the full $25 that it would normally cost for a one month subscription.  I was really curious if it would be worth it.  (If you have been thinking about it, you can sign up here and get $10 off of your first box!)

In my box I got an Aden and Anais burpy bib (retail for these is usually between $10-12), a mini mobile from Tiny Love (retail for $13 on Amazon), Buddy Wipes (retail for $3 on Amazon), a sample of mum + bub soothing ointment (which is AWESOME.  Now I want the hair and body wash.) and a gift certificate for Postagram (They listed the value as $10).

Egh, super blurry picture.  But you get the idea.

So the value of the box would be approximately $36.  Definitely worth buying, especially with the discount code!  I had been looking at buying another burpy bib anyway, because they are awesome.  I already have one, but I always use it first so it always seems to be dirty.  The mini mobile is super cute.  I'm excited for little bear to start interacting with it.  He likes the chime noise it makes and he is starting to follow the movement, so I don't think it will be long!  I had been looking for some kind of hand and face wipes to keep in the diaper bag, so the Buddy Wipes are perfect!  I have never seen them in stores, so I'm not sure I will ever buy them again, but now I will know if they are worth ordering on Amazon.  The mum + bub soothing ointment is delicious.  They say it works for everything from diaper rash to minor cuts and scrapes to chapped lips.  I put it on my lips and love it.  Sorry Cameron, that one is for mommy.  I think that I will like the mum+bub stuff even better than Mustella and Lavanila.  (Yes, I'm serious!)

I'm not sure if I will keep getting the boxes because $25 each month is kind of crazy (but worth it if you love everything in the box!)... if anyone else wants to try it you can sign up for a monthly subscription here (affiliate link*) and you should get $10 off of your first box!  You don't have to get more than one box, so I think it's at least worth a try using the discount!

Anyway, discovering monthly subscription boxes could be a dangerous thing.  I had no idea what I was missing!

*If you use my link to purchase a box or subscription I will receive a $10 credit towards future boxes for Cameron!*

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