Thursday, April 21, 2016

46 weeks

We've spent the last week trying to get everyone healthy.  Gabe's favorite thing this week is crawling up stairs.  He loves stairs.  Mommy does not love that he is loving stairs.  

I was trying to get ready for a chiropractor appointment this morning (and by get ready I mean foundation and deodorant).  I thought the boys seemed too quiet so I decided to check on them before brushing my teeth.  Gabe had taken his diaper off and had the biggest poop ever on the living room rug.  He crawled through it on his way into the dining room.  I picked him up and put him right in the sink for a rinse.  Cameron saw the poop and promptly threw up all over the rug, in the hallway, and in the bathroom.  Obviously we didn't have any paper towels in the kitchen.  Hubby happened to call right in the middle of all of this to see if we had left the house yet. Nope. 

But I was able to get it all cleaned up, get everyone changed, and still made it to my appointment on time.  So I'd still call today a win. 

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