Monday, April 11, 2016

Big Steps!

I'm having the worst luck getting posts to save lately.  Here's a quick update while I work on my last weekly post! 

Gabe decided that he was going to start using his walker yesterday- all by himself!  

He is getting so big!  He wants to walk on his own without the walker, but can't quite figure out how to let go without tipping over. 

On Saturday we had a fun filled day at a maple syrup festival.  We all did a 5k in the morning and then had a delicious pancake brunch!  I got a new personal best race time (post kids, I'm not sure I'll ever get back to my pre kids race times) of 34:31 AND I kept running after the race to get in my full 4 miles that I was scheduled to do for my May race training. 

Yesterday both boys started to come down with some kind of cold.  I thought maybe Gabe was just working on more teeth, but this morning Cameron has the same stuffy/runny nose and cough. We were supposed to go spend a few days with their cousins, but decided it will be best to wait until they are healthy.  We don't want to spread sickness to anyone else. 

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