Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 35 (Sunday is the new Wednesday)

So I've had these photos just hanging out in my camera since Wednesday.  I don't even know what we've been doing, but we've been BUSY!  

Cameron is getting really good at creeping.  He has figured out how to stick his butt way up in the air and pull himself with his arms.  He's also been enjoying eating what Hubby and I eat.  No more baby food for the big boy!  He also just eats it off of a fork.  The only thing he will eat off the baby spoon lately is yogurt.  In the mornings he likes to drink green smoothie with me.  Out of a real glass.  A mini-glass (espresso cup) but still impressive.  

His favorite toy lately is Pepper's bone.  Gross.  I keep putting it in Pepper's spot and she drags it right back out to Cameron's play area.  Cameron can be surrounded by his toys but the only thing he wants is the bone.  How do babies know what they are not supposed to have?  Dog bones.  Computer cords.  Remote controls.  Balls of fuzz/dog hair/whatever it is that fluffs up immediately after I vacuum.  Seriously.  :)      

Tonight we were in Target after Special Olympics gymnastics practice and my sweet baby decided to start screaming like an angry little baby.  He was going crazy trying to eat one of the bananas in the cart.  The ladies at the checkout felt bad.  

"Just open it up and let him eat it!  We'll just type it in, we don't need to scan it."  

So I opened up the banana while also trying to unload my cart and calm a screaming baby.  Problem solved, right?  

Cameron no longer wanted the banana.  So I ate it.  In the checkout line.  What a day.  

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