Monday, December 16, 2013

How many days until Christmas?

Here's a fun fact: We make our Christmas presents.  Or try really hard to have at least part of it be something we made. 

Here's another fun fact:  We are procrastinators.  Seriously, how many things was I planning to make and I basically started last night?  Uff.  I will add that hubby has been on a role getting presents done.  I'm sure if I didn't say this he would remind me how many he has made.  

But let's talk about how productive I am when I'm procrastinating!  (Check out this new blog post!)  and look what else! 

Now this might not look as clean to you as it does to me.  Imagine the inside of this oven is black.  That's the before.  I was too embarrassed to show the world the real before.  Seriously though, "before" our house smelled like food (not in a good way) the minute the oven got warm.  I'm hoping that after removing heaps of burnt yuck we won't have that problem.  Bye, bye burnt on pumpkin pie filling!  I did this with my two new friends, baking soda and vinegar!  It's fizzy and fun (in a cleaning sort of way) and doesn't require much scrubbing!  I've heard that if you put the baking soda and vinegar on and then heat up the oven a bit it works even better.  This was good enough for me.  I would say "maybe next time" but there won't ever be another time our oven is completely black.  We are obviously never using it again.  

I even lined the bottom with tin foil so it looks even better now.  

Cameron had a big weekend! 

Just standing around, no big deal.  

And then he met Santa. 

And then he tried banana.  He liked sucking the banana off the spoon so the baby spoons we have are too big.  Good thing we have an excess number of measuring spoons.  

And on Sunday Cameron was in his first play.  He was such a good Baby Jesus.  I felt a little guilty that I got to be Mary for the second time in my life.  When I was in Sunday School we took turns so all of the girls could be Mary once and all of the boys could be Joseph.  It was a big deal.  Maybe it wasn't that big of a deal, but I remember that going in order and making sure everyone had a turn was very important. 

Last night we only woke up once.  We had been waking up so often lately that when hubby got up for work I was worried that something was wrong!  I can't even remember the last time we slept so much.  He must've known that mommy needed sleep to help get rid of this cold.  It should be against the rules for mommies to get sick.  And he needs sleep to get rid of his cold, too.  Not fun!  I caved in and bought a new snot sucker for his poor little nose.  The kind that I gagged about before.  The kind that you put in your mouth and suck the snot out of baby's nose.  Surprisingly it is way more amazing than disgusting!  I feel bad that I tortured Cameron with the blue bulb for so long!  He doesn't even scream at me when I use this one.  I never thought I'd be so excited about a snot sucker.  Parenthood does weird things to people. 

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