Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Yesterday we had a two month checkup scheduled for Gabe.  I was on the ball and determined to be on time.  We were all showered- including myself!  Cameron had one shoe on but I knew we could find the other one before it was time to go... Or maybe just a different pair.  We were all fed.  I had make up on and my hair was brushed.  I was working on changing Gabe's diaper and thinking how thankful I was that he had an explosive poop at home instead of in the car seat or on my lap in the dr's office. And then it happened.  Cameron started gagging.  I stopped mid-diaper change to ask him if he was ok.  He threw up all over his feet.  I went back to Gabe in the pack n play and discovered that I hadn't wiped all the poop off his back. So now my clean baby was smeared with yellow poo- and so was his outfit and the pack n play.  I started to wipe up this mess when Cameron started gagging again.  This time he threw up on the living room rug.  I ran over to him to try steer him back to the wood floor instead of the rug.  I asked if he felt better and he said yes.  Back to the baby- who is screaming.  He's finally clean with a fresh diaper and outfit.  I still have 10 minutes to get out the door.  Cameron threw up again- this time in the kitchen.  I realize I'm not going to win this fight and call the clinic. Gabe is still screaming.  A strange truck has pulled into my driveway so my dog is barking- not normal barking, but "my family is in danger" barking. I'm sweating like a beast.  The receptionist rescheduled our appointment.  She didn't even laugh at me.  I got Cameron cleaned up.  I washed up his mess.  I sat down to feed Gabe again and realized then that I hadn't changed my shirt like I had been planning to and was still wearing a very unattractive pajama shirt.  So thank goodness for life's little blessings.  If all of this wouldn't have happened, I would've went to the appointment wearing pajamas. 

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