Friday, July 17, 2015


Oops!  I'm behind! 

Gabe started cooing and smiling this week!  The 4th of July was lots of fun with lake time and friends! 

Week 5- Gabe is growing like crazy!  It's almost time to make the switch from 3 month clothes to 6 month clothes! 

We spent lots of time with friends this week, too!  The raspberries are ripe so we've been enjoying them.  I think next year we will need more plants, or we will need to sweet talk the neighbors for buckets full.  We had a picnic with Audrey and Claire.  Then we spent the weekend with friends at the pool!  Mommy made a mesh wrap so Gabe got to swim with us.  Everyone loved the pool!  Cameron got his first summer haircut.  He looks like a different kid! So grown up! 

Week 6- Gabe is so alert and such a good baby!  He travels well, is only up a couple of times at night, and usually naps at the same time as Cameron.  

Gabe got to take his first trip to Paul Bunyan yesterday!  Cameron loves Paul's picture, but the big one that talks? No way!  He was terrified, but I made him take a picture with Paul anyway.