Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 39

Here we are, week 39!  Cameron has been working on some top teeth and I've been wiped out with some kind of bug.  Yesterday I called in reinforcements and took a sick day.  Thank goodness auntie was available to spend the day helping me take care of Cameron!  So that explains why we get phone photos.  We had to do them in the living room because Pepper is FILTHY from the melting snow and I didn't want to let her on my bed.  I love that the snow is melting.  But the transition from snow to nice green grass is so dirty.  

Cameron has officially been out as long as he was in!  :)  I guess I still haven't done anything with these pictures, but here are the last photos in my pregnancy project.  I was in the hospital and the nurses were ready to get things going when I had to stop everything and take my last picture in my pregnancy shirt. I still remember the nurse laughing at me.  She said I was the craftiest person she had ever seen in labor.  She was also concerned that if we didn't hurry Cameron would be born before we were finished taking the pictures.  

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