Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekly Wednesday: 22

Here we are!  Week 22!

Miss Pepper decided to roll in something AWFUL so she didn't get to be in the pictures this week.  She is staying outside until Hubby comes home and washes her.  Pew.

We are still battling little man's cold.  He woke up pretty stuffed up and has only napped for about 45 minutes today.  Yikes.  I'm hoping that the thieves oil I have been putting on his feet will help him along.

AH!  I almost forgot!  He rolled over from back to front on Saturday.  Good job baby!  He is just not excited about it and hasn't done it since.  I've been trying to put his toys just out of his reach, but he will still only roll to his side to grab them.  He still loves to scoot, that's for sure.  Maybe I should be enjoying this time that I can set him on a blanket and he will stay in the same general area while I do other things.  I will probably miss it a little when he is really able to move!  

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