Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekly Wednesday: 21

Well I certainly haven't been very good at keeping up with "Wednesday" specific posts.  Oh well.  :)  I don't know what's going on with the weather but it has been so nice outside!  So that's where we headed for pictures!

The past week Cameron has been busy scooting.  Scooting everywhere!  I'm starting to wonder if he will skip rolling over and crawling and just go straight to sitting up and scooting on his bottom.  He has rubbed most of the hair off of the back of his head because of his wild scooting.

Lately I've been trying hard to be better at cooking new things... or maybe I should just say "cooking."  One of my favorite things that I've made recently was sweet potato black bean chili!  Yum!  I used this recipe if you want to make it!  I didn't know that I liked sweet potatoes until sweet potato fries came along.  I honestly never thought that I would cook with them unless they came frozen as fries.  Well it turns out that I really like them in chili, too!

I also spent a whole day processing pumpkins from our garden.  I've never done anything with pumpkins other than carve them, so this was a completely new experience.  I scooped out all of the seeds and made roasted pumpkin seeds.  Then I baked all of the pumpkins so I could scoop out the puree.  Wow.  I'm not sure how many pumpkins I ended up baking, but by the end of the day it felt like millions.  I ended up with about 13 cups of puree that I put in freezer bags and two ice cube trays of the puree to use for baby food.  I have big plans to make a pie, but that's going to have to wait.  We will see if that ever happens.  I still have a few pumpkins that I'm going to pass along to Hubby's mom. I was going to surprise her and bring her the puree already made, but I couldn't stand to think about cutting into another one and starting the whole process again!  Sorry Carol!  I was sure that I was going to have dreams about pumpkin but if I did I don't remember them.  However I don't think I'll be doing anything with the puree for a while!

This week we are going to start our adventure in baby sign language!  I don't have any experience with it.  Actually I haven't even heard that much about it.  I just started looking into it so hopefully it works for us!  If anyone has any helpful hints please share.  I'm excited!     

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