Saturday, September 14, 2013

Laundry Failure

Well, here is my second attempt at this post... The first one apparently disappeared somewhere into blog land. Boo. :(

So yesterday I did a load of baby laundry. It's still in the washing machine today. 

I wasn't planning to leave it in there all weekend but I think I will.  Why did I give up on my baby's laundry?  Because it is a mess in there! 

When I went to put it in the dryer yesterday I discovered goo. Little balls of gel goo everywhere!  I was crushed... Could it be my new detergent?!  I kept digging and found the source of the awful gel goo- a disposable diaper!!

I've washed the clothes two extra times and they are still covered in gel.  :( Anyone know how to fix it? 

At least my baby is cute. 

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