Friday, September 6, 2013

11 weeks

Well, I'm a few days late with this!  But at least I got this up before week 12 is due.  :)  

This last week has been packed completely full!  We had a great time with lots of good friends that we don't get to see often enough.  It was wonderful to see everyone!  

Pepper was busy helping Hubby with the boat so she was NOT interested in joining us for picture time.  When she has to choose between hanging out with me or hanging out with Hubby, it usually depends on who is going farther away from the house (or who is going to take her for a ride.  Rides always win!)

Poor little guy is battling his first stuffy nose.  We've been making it through the days with lots of love, steam, and the handy blue bulb thing the hospital sent with us.  Hopefully he gets over it soon.  Otherwise I'm tempted to invest in a NoseFrida or Baby Comfy Nose.  I know that people really like using these.  I am skeptical, mainly because I don't know if I could successfully use one without super gags.  But sometimes I feel like that bulb just isn't strong enough and if it meant my baby would feel better I suppose I could suck it up.  Literally.  (gag)

Here are some fun photos from our big weekend!

Hanging out with Uncle!

Hanging out with Grandpa and Cousin (who is 9 months old now!  wow!)!

Snuggles with Ellen and Noah (so excited to meet him in January!)

Hanging out with the boys!

First time golfing!

Found my thumb!

All of our company is gone so now Mommy hogs me!

We are missing a good friend today.  We love you Wade!  

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