Monday, September 23, 2013


We had baptism for our little man yesterday.  He did such a good job.  It was fun having so many babies at church.  I always think it's cute when they start talking to each other.  I suppose I won't think it's so cute when Cameron is the one making lots of noise and I'm trying to get him to be quiet.

I guess Cameron was all smiles when we were up at the front of the church.  I couldn't see it, but maybe someone got a picture?  

Yum yum yum... cake!... and some of the cupcakes.  I think we were supposed to freeze the "extra" cupcakes, but seriously, what is an "extra" cupcake?  I have a nearly empty box sitting on my dining room table to prove that there is no such thing.  Good thing we've been sticking to our walking routine!    

Family photo with the cake.  My mom made Cameron's cute outfit.  Way to go Gangy!  

Photo with Pastor.

Photo with Hubby's parents.

Photo with my parents.

Photos with Godparents. 

Family photo.  :)

Hopefully tomorrow there will be an update with pictures from a "3 month" photo shoot.  I'm only about 4 days behind on taking those.  Who would've guessed it would be so hard to do a monthly photo shoot!  It was way too windy both yesterday and today so hopefully things will be calmer tomorrow!    

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