Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I am the proud mother of a two month old.  

I still have a hard time seeing that he is "growing."  Although I have gone through his drawers and started a box of clothes that no longer fit.  So I guess when people tell me that he is getting bigger, I have to believe them!  It's also hard to deny that his carseat is getting heavier and heavier with each trip we take.  Either that or I'm getting weaker. :)  

My baby's first two month trick was sticking out his tongue!  His second trick was sleeping the most he has slept so far!  We were up at 2:00 and were awake for about an hour.  And then he slept until almost 7:00!  When hubby left for work I made him check the nursery to make sure our little man was still ok. I couldn't believe that he skipped his 5:00 wake up!  I won't get my hopes up, but I won't complain if he sticks to that schedule! 

We had to do a mini photoshoot to celebrate his two month birthday....  

I love my little cow!  :D

And we had to do this while this diaper still fits him.  Have I mentioned that I love cloth diapers?  

And we my mom finished the dino blanket!  We are My mom is super awesome.  We love this blanket.  It's made out of PUL on one side (it's waterproof!) so it will be a great lake/park/picnic/going outside blanket.  My baby loves to be outside!

The kittens came out for the photoshoot, too!  

I've been surprised lately by the number of people that have asked me how long we are planning to live around here.  Every time I think "Why would we leave?!"  We love it here!  I can't think of a better place for a kid to grow up.  Big yard, big dog, lots of pasture and places to get muddy, the LAKE!  What a wonderful place to be!


  1. Love the blanket! Our babes will have fun hanging out with their blankies at the lake next summer. The outfit is so cute on Cameron! I had no clue you had kittens- fun!

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  3. Well, we don't really "have" kittens.... they live in my dad's shed. :)
    But hubby would really like to bring one into the house!!