Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catching Up

Last Friday we had Cameron's two month appointment!  He weighs 10 lbs 10 oz (according to the baby app I've been using this puts him in the 10th percentile) and is 22.25 inches tall (13th percentile)!  The doctor never tells us the percentiles (next time I'm going to ask) but he said that all of his measurements are on the same curve of the chart so that is what matters.  He suggested that I start adding dairy and bananas back into my diet to "give Cameron a challenge."  Right.  I wanted to tell him that he isn't the one that has to hang out with a screaming baby when I "challenge" him.  The doctor was happy with his growth and how alert Cameron is.  He even gave the doctor a nice big smile!  He did NOT give the nurse a nice big smile.  He gave her a scream.  Lots of screams, actually.  She gave him three shots and two bandaids.  Mommy did fine at this appointment. :)  

Oh, and the doctor confirmed that my sweet little baby IS getting teeth, but we just have to wait for them to come through.  After some research on google I found out that this could also be a cause for my baby's yucky green poops.  Apparently when some babies start teething they swallow so much drool that their body has a hard time absorbing nutrients.  The doctor said that green is a sign of bile, so the milk could just be going through him so fast that he doesn't have time to fully digest.  He said he is not concerned about this as long as Cameron is still gaining weight!  By the way, it's really hard for me (I know I can't be the only one) to talk about babies without mentioning poop.   

Baby's first bandaid!

We stopped on the way home and got some baby Tylenol so hopefully he didn't suffer too much.  

On Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival!  It was SO HOT!  The highlight of the trip had to be the wiener dog races.  So cute.  Cameron did really well.  He had a good time being strolled around.  

On Sunday our church hosted a baby shower for Cameron.  We feel so blessed and are so thankful to have such an awesome church family!  We had a great time.  We even got to meet new cousin Easton!

Yesterday I celebrated by 28th birthday!  When I was little I remember being sad because I was going to be SO OLD for my golden birthday.  I certainly don't feel SO OLD now.  :)  27 was a great year (engaged, moved, wedding, baby!)  I am curious what year 28 will bring.  Hubby says maybe 28 will be my year to just relax and not have any huge things happen.  I ordered a jogging stroller for my birthday present (YAAAAY!) so hopefully year 28 will be my year to get back into running.  I think a good goal will be to train for another half marathon.  I'm so excited to do another 5k.  I haven't participated in any races since... um.. it must have been a long time ago because I don't even remember!  Probably two summers ago!  Time to change that!  Filthy 5k anyone?  I think that would be a perfect way to get back into running!

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