Thursday, March 10, 2016

36, 37, 38, 39, 40

 Cameron and Gabe had ECFE once a week in February.  They loved going to school!  In fact, Cameron walked into the classroom and said "Bye Mom" on his way to the table where the other kids were sitting.  He didn't even give me time to take his jacket off!  We also got him registered for preschool in the fall!  I can't believe he's going to be three! 

Cameron loves helping at church.  

We've been having fun helping my dad make klubb!  It has been our Thursday afternoon project a few weeks in a row! 

The snow is pretty much gone now, but Cameron and Gabe had a blast making snowmen.  I printed this picture off so Cameron could have a copy and he was so excited to hang it in his room.  We also put up a bunch of his paintings and he was so proud to have his art decorating his room. 

We've been busy with lots of activities lately!  I joined the local MOPS and we made it to a babywearing meeting, too!  It's so nice that spring seems to be on its way.  Pretty soon we will be able to spend our days at the lake! 

Gabe is so busy.  He still army crawls instead of going on his knees, but I don't blame him.  The wood floor is hard and slippery!  

Cameron is talking up a storm. He's been repeating everything we say! He's been doing a great job using the potty.  I'm looking forward to when he's officially out of diapers!  

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