Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: 46

This week Cameron learned how to go from laying down to sitting all on his own.  I didn't realize how important that skill is. It makes his life so much better because he was really starting to get frustrated when he would be stuck on his belly.  He is a wild little monster in his walker.  Seriously, watch your toes!  He will run you over! 

We even travel with the walker now because he loves it so much.  The cats at my parent's house aren't so thrilled.  He was trying his hardest to get Betsy's tail when I took this picture.  :)  Poor kitty.  

We also started swimming lessons last week so that has been a lot of fun!  We've mostly been working on getting him used to being in the water but last time he even got to swim with a noodle!  

My dad was discharged from the hospital for the third time on Sunday.  He ended up with an infection in his back so they had to keep him there until it was gone.  Hopefully that was the last of the hospital stays, but he jokes that he almost has a service of 4 big water mugs.  I won't pretend that I don't LOVE the huge mug I got from the hospital, but I'd rather he didn't finish off his set.  

Oh, did I mention Cameron's new trick? Check this out 

He loves pushing this around, but he can't go as fast as he does in his walker.  I haven't really let him push it around on the wood floors yet since that would be a harder fall, but that will come soon!  He'll be walking on his own in no time!  

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