Tuesday, February 2, 2016

34 & 35

Gabe is so busy lately!  He sits really well on his own.  He army crawls as soon as he gets back onto the floor.  He loves to get into everything he isn't supposed to!  It's about time to get the gates back out! Today he was after Pepper's bone.  Yesterday each time I put him down he headed for the shower.  This morning we had an incident when Cameron dropped a chunk of Play-Doh and I didn't see it.  Gabe tried to eat it but it stuck to the roof of his mouth and made him throw up.  I had to wipe it off the roof of his mouth with a wash cloth.  Poor Cameron can't handle the sight of anything gross so he had to wait in the bathroom until we had everything cleaned up.  

Cameron is saying new words every day! He has understood everything we tell him for a long time but refused to say the words. So it has been a lot of fun for everyone now that he can communicate with us!  He's still pretty stubborn but I think he likes it better when he can tell us what he needs!  

Tomorrow Cameron has his (kind of) first day of school! I'm bringing him to an ECFE class.  I think he's going to love it.  While we are there I'm going to talk to them about getting him signed up for preschool!  I cannot believe he's already going to be old enough to go to preschool.  He's going to like that more than mommy will.  

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