Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 1

I can't believe my new little man is already a week old!  

Cameron has been adjusting to his new brother really well.  He moved himself out of the crib and into his toddler bed.  He decided he is done with his high chair and prefers his booster seat.  He loves to help mommy get diapers and throw away the dirty ones.  Today the three of us snuggled into the recliner and Cameron showed Gabe a few of his favorite books.  

Gabe is a really sweet baby.  He's a good eater, maybe too good sometimes. He went through a little streak of eating every 45 minutes- 1 hour.  We already had his first doctors appointment because he had forceful vomits.  The pediatrician thinks it happens when he eats more than his little tummy can handle.  He sleeps pretty well at night- especially when we fall asleep together in the recliner in the nursery.   When we do that we sleep for about 3-4 hours!  I don't think Cameron let me sleep that much for the first six months!

Hubby went back to work yesterday.  It was really nice having him home with us. Cameron is definitely daddy's boy!  I was nervous about being alone with both boys yesterday, but we survived!  Nap time was a nightmare but we did much better today!   I'm looking forward to being able to spend the whole day at the lake when it is so hot out!  

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